I'm having trouble completing my order payment

Sorry to hear that! There's two main reasons why this may be but in all instances, reach out to us if you need help as orders can easily be placed over the phone. 

Card verification

Like any other online purchase, your payment needs to be authorised by your bank before an order is successful. After entering in your payment details and clicking 'Place my order' you will need to complete an extra step. Depending on your bank, you'll either need to approve the transaction in your banking app or receive a call or message from them. 

If you aren't receiving any messages, it's likely your contact number isn't up-to-date with your bank and you will need to contact them to ensure it's correct before retrying. 

iPad devices

We're aware of a checkout incompatibility with certain iPad devices. For older devices that aren't on a recent update, you will not be able to enter in your card number at checkout. Where possible, please use an alternative device or update your iPad to the latest operating system version.

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