How do I get started?

Getting started is super easy - visit our online shop here and we will guide you through the order process to buy Jelly Drops online or set up a regular subscription. 


A single tray of Jelly Drops (24 drops) is £7.95 plus £3.95 for tracked delivery within 1-4 days.

The best value way to purchase Jelly Drops is through a subscription. When subscribed, you will receive a value pack (7 full trays) for £39.90 plus £6.95 for tracked delivery within 1-4 days. This works out to be £5.70 per tray.

With a subscription, you get a free trial tray, save on each delivery, and have guaranteed supply of Jelly Drops! Read more about how to start a plan here. Subscriptions are completely flexible and you are in full control, we have no binding period or upfront payments - you can edit or cancel your plan from the Account page at any time, we don't mind. 

Need help ordering? Give us a call toll-free on 0808 164 8977

Interested in Jelly Drops for your business or care home? Check out the link here for more information. 

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