How do I order?

Jelly Drops aren't available in any retail stores and we're online only but getting started with an order is super easy. Head to cart to make a one-off order or set up a regular subscription for either our original trays or Snackpots. 


One-off Purchases

You can buy any of our Jelly Drops packs individually as and when you need them. 

  • Single trays of Jelly Drops (24 drops) are £7.95 plus £3.95 shipping
  • Value packs of Jelly Drops (7 trays) are £44.95 plus £6.95 shipping
  • Snackpot value packs (21 pots) are £23.10 plus £4.95 shipping


The best value way to purchase Jelly Drops is through a subscription. When subscribed, you will receive a value pack (trays or Snackpots) at a discounted price at your choice of interval. 

Subscriptions are completely flexible and you are in full control - you can edit or cancel your plan at any time, we don't mind. Read more about subscriptions here. 

  • A value pack of Jelly Drops (7 trays) as part of a subscription is £39.90 plus £6.95 shipping
  • Snackpot value packs (21 pots) as part of a subscription are £19.95 plus £4.95 shipping

Interested in Jelly Drops for your business or care home? See here for more information on bulk order pricing 

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