I can't login to my online account

Your online account allows you to access your order details and independently manage your subscription. It is not necessary to create one to order Jelly Drops. 

To login, please click 'My Account' that's found at the top of our website page, or click the link here

Need to create an account?

An account can only be created using an email address that's linked to a Jelly Drops order, so please place your order first before attempting to create an account. 

Getting the message an account doesn't exist but you have ordered with us?

We know it can be confusing if your email address isn't recognised, especially after you've received emails from us, but it's likely you just haven't activated the account before trying to log in. Head to the link here to set up your account and generate an activation email.

If you're not receiving any emails please contact us. 

Already have an account but can't remember your password?

If your password or email address is coming up invalid or you're having trouble remembering the details, please select the 'forgot password' option. Enter your email address and you'll receive a link via email to reset your password and access your account.

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