How do subscriptions work?

It's super easy! With a subscription, you get a free trial tray, save on each delivery, and have guaranteed supply of Jelly Drops.

Your plan is completely flexible and you are in full control. We have no binding period or upfront payments and you can edit or cancel your plan from the Account page at any time, we don't mind. 


How to start a subscription

  1. Head to cart on the link here 
  2. Choose the 'Free tray & Subscribe' option. 
  3. Set your order frequency for delivery of a value pack (7 trays) every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. The frequency can be updated at any time from your Account page.
  4. Review the Order Summary and Checkout. If you want to have your first value pack with the trial tray, just tick the box, otherwise this will be scheduled 1 week from the order date. 
  5. You'll immediately be emailed order confirmation as well as information on managing your subscription online.
  6. Enjoy regular deliveries of Jelly Drops! 
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